4 Things Sellers Should Never Say When Closing a Home Sale in Charleston

The doorbell rings, and you’re expecting them, so you put on your best-winning smile and open the door. And there they stand looking slightly nervously uncomfortable, but still with bright, eager hope radiating from their faces – the prospective buyers of the home you’re trying to sell. Things go well for a bit, but then you mention … Continued

Honesty & Private Lending For We Buy Houses WV

Honesty & Private Lending For We Buy Houses WV Vince Lombardi was a successful leader on-and-off the field and always loved a teaching moment. When an opportunity of growth reared its fancy face, he was known to demonstrate what at the time, seemed farce. To learn and grow, he would start with the basics time-and-time … Continued

“Charleston WV Real Estate Investor Speak of the 1920’s”

As a History Teacher turned Real Estate  Investor Jedi, I love the times when I get to blend the two occupations together taking a mental escape from all the fires that need put out in my day-to-day operations as a Charleston WV Real Estate Investor.Today I was able to learn some really neat info about … Continued

Making Neighborhoods Great Again

Donald Trump is a Real Estate Investor that has changed the landscape of New York City with his business ventures over the course of the last few decades.  Whether or not I endorse his politics, I can certainly admire his desire to better the place from whence he came. As a cash buyer in Charleston WV, … Continued